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Bodhi Life Design

Powerful Bitch Energy Box

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This is the perfect self care gift box for anyone looking to bring more positivity, happiness, & mindfulness into their life, to make someone feel good and let them know you re thinking of them! Mental health and wellness are so important, so we have created this mindfulness gift set to cultivate a healthy mindset. This self care box is overflowing with products to help relax, recharge, & empower your body & mind. It includes affirmation cards to help you feel happier, healthier, and more positive each day. As well as an energy stick to clear negative energy, candle to create a relaxing mood, & matches. If you are looking for the perfect best friend gift & wanting to send a wellness care package for her, this is for you, your thoughtful gift is sure to make their day!


⭐️Affirmation Cards⭐️ - affirmation cards provide a daily dose of positive affirmations and uplifting sayings. Pull one care a card and create a practice of making it visual to see it daily, saying it out loud to hear it, & using it as a journal prompt to reflect.


-Size: 2.5x.5 inches
-30 Positive Affirmation Cards
-2 Instruction cards
-The front of each card includes one positive affirmation
-Comes in a card box

⭐️Energy Stick⭐️ - Selenite & Palo Stick are a perfect combination to clear negative energies & cleans your mind and home

✶Selenite Crystal - An energetic healing tool that promotes peace and calm, mental clarity, and well-being

---How to use: Use it as a wand around your body to remove any negative energy, hold while meditating, put on a window seal to protect the home, next to your nightstand for good sleep, or desk while you work.

---Size: they vary based on the crystal, expect around 1.5-2 inches length

✶Palo Stick - Using palo santo in your home can be a beautiful, beneficial way to clear your space of negative energy and calm the mind.

---How to use: Use a match or lighter to ignite the end of your palo santo stick, and let it burn for about 30 seconds or so before blowing it out. Put it in an incense stand while you meditate, wave it around like a wand to clear the energy of your space. Set an intention before you light your stick and keep it top of mind.

---Size: it varies expect around 3.5-4 inches length

⭐️2 oz Candle⭐️ – Vanilla Honey scent in a brushed gold tin with a wood wick

⭐️Match Box⭐️ – You got this match box

⭐️Soap⭐️ – 1 inch rainbow soap with lavender scent